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☰ Menu Skip to content Home Brand AtmosRx eDab Grenco Science Kangertech Size 510 710 Micro Used For E-Liquid Herbs Oil-Wax Glossary Category Archives: Brand Atmos Boss – The World’s First Herbal Vape Pen Posted on by the beard of Zeus Rating:

The Atmos Boss vaporizer pen is just that, the world’s first herb vaporizer pen. We’ve all run through the gamut of herbal vape pens meeting nothing but disappointment and lungs full of smoke, but Atmos has finally done what they and so many other companies have sought out to do so many years ago, and that is to create a functional pen that creates actual true vapor from herbs without  burning them!

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Posted in 510, qeqzwhxw. pen name meaning in urduAtmosRx, Herbs | Leave a comment Bookmark the permalink. Kanger EVOD – Setting A New Standard For E-Liquid Pens Posted on by the beard of Zeus

Kanger Tech is raising the bar with their EVOD starter kit, which features 2 full pen setups, each complete with their trend setting EVOD cartridge. These clearomizers get the most out of your e-liquid and feature a leak resistant design.

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Posted in 510, E-Liquid, Kangertech, Uncategorized | Leave a comment Bookmark the permalink. eDab HELOS Review – A True Deluxe Kit For Oils and Waxes Posted on by the beard of Zeus Rating:

eDab has broken onto the scene with their HELOS Deluxe oil pen vaporizer starter kit. Deluxe is truly an understatement as this kit covers all of the bases right out of the box, leaving you with little room or need for upgrade.

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Posted in 510, eDab, Oil-Wax | Leave a comment Bookmark the permalink. Atmos Thermo W – Third Time’s A Charm Posted on by the beard of Zeus Rating:

The Atmos Thermo W is AtmosRx’s follow up to the V1 and V2. The previous tanks systems concentrated more on liquids and less on concentrates, but the design of the new Thermo W is aimed at those who are looking to vaporize oils and waxes.

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Posted in AtmosRx, Micro, Oil-Wax | Leave a comment Bookmark the permalink. Stock G Pen Kit – Top Pen Vape or Is It All Just Hype? Posted on by the beard of Zeus Rating:

Ever since Grenco Science released their G Pen and micro G Pen vaporizers, they have been the topic of many conversations. Their Original G Tank, aka the “O G”, is responsible for most of the attention, with its ability to vaporize liquids, waxes, and concentrates.

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Posted in 710, E-Liquid, Grenco Science, Oil-Wax | Leave a comment Bookmark the permalink. Atmos Raw – Dry Herb Vape Pen or Electronic Pipe? Posted on by the beard of Zeus Rating:

The Atmos Raw is a portable pen vaporizer that many are calling an electronic pipe. AtmosRx is the first to take steps toward bringing vaporization of dried herbs to such a small pen design but seems to still be working out a few kinks.

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Pens are important, and so is penmanship, though I don’t have the handwriting I wish I had and wish I had taken courses with the Marion Richardson series .

That being said, I do like writing by hand, and like different pens for different things. And I like a fountain pen, though not the expensive ones sold in office stores. I also am frustrated that some brands of pen, once ubiquitous, are now non-existent, including the above Bic Banana (how about that Charles Nelson Reilly ad?)

I am not a pen snob. I hate this whole trend toward $200 pens. It’s stupid, oafish and terribly prissy. Certainly, there is a place for collector pens, but the way fountain pens have turned into some sort of cult? Ick. Pens are tools, and if you are worried about losing a pen, then it is no fun to use. I like them cheap and disposable. I got a ball point Parker for graduation and never could spring for a new cartridge. It was heavy, ugly and I was always worried about losing it.

That being said, I do think there is room for pen collectors, who preserve all the varieties of pen brands. But there is no room for pen collectibles, which are marked-up junk. If you like the latter, you will not understand the distinction.

Personally, I think that pen brands are a bit mucked up now, mostly from the dominance of shelf space at the three major office supply chains. Frankly, the office supply buyers at each of these companies needs to re-assess how much shelf space they are giving to just a few brands. The selection is boring (that’s you Office Depot); you are making yourselves dependent on just a few brands.

I thought about pen brands when I discovered that I really just like a few. Here are my favorites:

Sheaffer fountain pen. The cheap version, not the prissy version, thank you. This is my favorite pen altogether, though I cannot find it on the shelves of office stores, nor can I find the proper cartridges that would fill it. This fountain pen got me through high school and now I use it, whenever I can find it as I often lose the one I have around the house. In fact, I was using it yesterday and lost it AGAIN! Drat. I went to their site today to see about buying some replacements and they had some stupid quiz that asked me how old I was and suggested different personality traits to pick from. They then suggested I could buy different pens, some ball point and some fountain. I COULD NOT FIND MY PEN! Sanford Major Accent Highlighter: This is the classic highlighter brand. I have to admit I buy other cheap brands of highlighters, but since I have been thinking about this column I will stick to one brand heretofore. I am annoyed that now it seems to be the Sharpie Accent. Sharpie is a brand for indelible pens, not highlighters! Flair: This is the great brand of the 1970s. Felt-tip and porous. Do I remember Mrs. Nold at Norfolk Academy had it? I think she did but it could have been later and I got it all confused. Flair was introduced in 1966 so that’s just about as old as I am. Made by Paper Mate, still. Sanford Mr. Sketch: This is the brand where it is encouraged that you smell them. Not only perfect for school kids, but they are good for people who are blind or visually impaired, who cannot see the different colors. I had a set that I kept perfectly, and wish I still had some. But they are impossible to keep around as they always get used. Licorice is best. Bic Round Stic Grip: These puppies last forever. And ever. I swear I had a red pen for marking galleys that lasted for at least three years, but since they are all the same, who knows if it actually did. The reality is that rarely do these pens run out. I also like the fact that Bic makes lots of different kinds of things under their brand. While their one-blade razor is pretty awful (though it does have a certain elegance), Bic’s windsurfers are way cool. And the little Bic man is great. But the big question; what happened to the Bic Banana ink crayon?

Sharpie: This is a cool brand that is being ruined by non-creativity and over extension. I had the bad fortune of buying a small amount of Newell Rubbermaid stock, and it does not have me in a happy place. The Sharpie brand has been expanded too much, and parent company Newell Rubbermaid is using Sharpie as a one-trick show, when they should be doing other things with other pen brands.

Oh, and Sheaffer. Bring back my fountain pen or at least tell me where to get it. And I don’t want to have to buy a calligraphy set to get it.

More branding stories of interest: Sanford Mr. Sketch Markers; Are They As Good As They Were? Tags: Brand History

7 responses so far ↓ 1 rechercher // Jul 29, 2009 at 12:37 pm

Totally agree with you on Sharpie–it’s hard to find a felt tip pen in the stores today that isn’t some flavor of Sharpie, and they all give off an odor that I dislike. I mainly write with a Uniball Signo, though I did buy a big package of Flair pens in assorted acid-flashback colors because I saw them right after I read one of your previous posts on pens.

2 Sean Griffin // Aug 5, 2009 at 1:23 pm

I am truly amazed by your comprehensive knowledge of well respected yet not so popular brand products! I enjoyed your post about BIC pens (I sold them for almost 12 years) and also share your commiseration regarding NewellRubbermaid stock performance, as I worked for Rubbermaid during the “hostile” takeover by Newell Company. I am glad I found your site and look forward to reading more articles.

3 Andy Mutt // May 13, 2010 at 1:41 am

Bic Brands beat everyone in the market. We sell Bic pens more than any other product every year.

4 David Chesler // Nov 22, 2010 at 3:06 am

Did you ever find out what happened to the Bic Bananas? I had a set in college in the early 80s that lasted for years, but when they finally dried out I couldn’t replace them. I liked them better than Flairs. I also miss the disposable Clic sold as the M10 in the eastern hemisphere. I recall that the barrel came in various colors, not just the ink color. And I miss 0.046″ (1.1mm) mechanical pencils, both the Scripto spiral (NOS on eBay and from TNT school supply) and the 4-color Norma from before my time. I insist that writing implements be able to survive in my pocket. The Bic 4-color (which should have purple instead of green) fails that test, while the Norma and Zebra pencils pass. I made myself a leather pocket protector from Tandy, formerly the parent of Radio Shack, now another hard-to-find brand.

5 kate // Nov 29, 2011 at 8:00 pm

I happened upon this article in my desperate search for the “@the office” brand ball point pens I got my daughter for school a few months ago. I “stole” one out of the multi-pack I bought her and I LOVE IT! The problem is, everyone in my office loves it and it keeps disappearing… it glides over paper and the ink seems to be never-ending. I have forever been in search of this quality of pen (my drawers & bins of hundreds of pens will attest to that). Sadly, I went to WalMart recently to buy some more only to find nothing in the @the office line for sale there now. Does anyone have any information on where these pens might be attainable? I also tried Office Max, to no avail.

6 Rick // Feb 26, 2015 at 2:16 pm

Keep an eye out for Garland Writing Instruments. They make pens for the promotional products industry, are made in the USA, come with a lifetime warranty and offer a great promotional value for a company looking to get their brand out. Look for the signature flared top design. Add a custom company logo on the top of the pen. Can also engrave or imprint on the barrel of the pen. Been around since 1927

7 Mousielove // Aug 12, 2016 at 1:50 am

I am known as the Pen Queen in our family. How could you leave out Lindy? I agree with you on the Sheaffer cheap fountain pen. One can still find the ink refill cartridges for them but you’re right, not the pen.

For those that are having trouble finding the rare pens, look for an office supplier that sells JWOD products as they may carry them.

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