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Spring flower



Popularity #4,789

in 2017


from 2016

Source: BabyCenter user data Related names Like Akina? What about:

Amaya , Evelyn , Aiko , Yuki , Sakura , Naomi , Anastasia , Athena , Suki , Sayuri , Mila , Nayeli

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Basic Legal Terms antiepiphany القانون - the law حكم - a judgment سابقة قضائية - legal precedent محامي  - lawyer قاضي ج. قضاة  - judge(s) (  Read more...Collapse  ) 1 comment Speak Link Share 7th-Sep-2007 11:58 pm - Polling arabicwords desert_sky استطلاع (ج) استطلاعات or استبيان (ج) استبيانات - poll (istiTlāʿ (pl.) istiTlāʿāt or istibyān (pl.) istibyānāt) رأئ (ج) آراء - opinion (ra'i (pl.) ārā') تحليل - analysis (taHlīl) احصاءات - statistics (iHSā'āt) معلومات - information (maʿlūmāt) نتيجة (ج) نتائج - result (natīja (pl.) natā'ij) نصف - half (naSf) نسبة (ج) نسب - percentage (nisba (pl.) nisab) أغلبية/أكثرية - majority (aġlabiyya/ak t ariyya) الأغلبية الساحقة - the overwhelming majority (al-aġlabiyya as-sāHiqa) أقلية - minority (aqaliyya) دعم - يدعم - دعم or أيد - يؤيد - تأييد - to support (daʿama, yadʿamu, daʿm or ayyada, yu'ayyidu, ta'yīd) عارض - يعارض - معارضة or ناهض - يناهض - مناهضة - to oppose (ʿāraDa, yuʿāriDu, muʿāraDa or nāhaDa, yunāhiDu, munāhaDa) مع - with (i.e. supporting) (maʿa) ضد - against (Didd) Tags: against, analysis, half, information, majority, minority, opinion, overwhelming majority, percentage, poll, result, statistics, to oppose, to support, with Speak Link Share 6th-Sep-2007 10:15 pm - Weddings and marriage arabicwords desert_sky فرح (ج) أفراح or عرس (ج) أعراس or زفاف or عقد القرآن - wedding (faraH (pl.) afrāH; ʿurs (pl.) aʿrās; zifāf; ʿaqd al-qur'ān) * حفلة زفاف - wedding party (Haflat zifāf) زواج or نكاح - marriage (zawāj or nikāH) ليلة الدخلة - wedding night (leilat ad-duxla) شهر عسل - honeymoon (šahr ʿasal) مهر (ج) مهور or صداق (ج) صدق - dowry (mahr (pl.) muhūr or Sadāq (pl.) Suduq) احتفل - يحتفل - احتفال بـ - to celebrate (iHtafala, yaHtafilu, iHtifāl bi) طلب - يطلب - طلب يد - to ask for someone's hand in marriage, propose (Talaba, yaTlubu, Talab yad) تزوج - يتزوج - تزوج - to get married (tazawwaja, yatazawwaju, tazawwuj) انفصل - ينفصل - انفصال عن - to separate (infaSala, yanfaSilu, infiSāl 3an) طلّق - يطلّق - تطليق - to divorce (s.o.) (Tallaqa, yuTalliqu, taTlīq) طلاق - divorce (Talāq) مخطوب - engaged (maxTūb) خطيب - خطيبة - fiance - fiancee (xaTīb - xaTība) متزوج - married (mutazawwij) عروس - bride (ʿarūs) عريس - bridegroom (ʿarīs) (  More vocabCollapse  ) * فرح is used in Egypt, عرس is used in the Levant, زفاف is more standard (although the previous two are also fine for standard usage and are used in the media), and عقد القرآن is even more formal (and obviously Muslim). (  Three sayings, and expressions to use at weddingsCollapse  ) Tags: bride, bridegroom, daughter or sister-in-law, divorce, dowry, engaged, father-in-law, fiance, honeymoon, husband, marriage, married, mother-in-law, son or brother-in-law, to celebrate, to divorce, to get married, to propose, to separate, wedding, wedding night, wedding party, wife Speak Link Share 5th-Sep-2007 11:55 pm - Money arabicwords desert_sky مال (ج) أموال - money (māl (pl.) amwāl) عملة - currency (ʿumla) نقد (ج) نقود - cash (naqd (pl.) nuqūd) شيك (ج) شيكات - check (šek (pl.) šekāt) كسب - يكسب - كسب - to earn (kasaba, yaksibu, kasb) صرف - يصرف - صرف - to spend (Sarafa, yaSrifu, Sarf) اقتصد - يقتصد - اقتصاد - to save (iqtaSada, yaqtaSidu, iqtiSād) استثمر - يستثمر - استثمار - to invest (ista t mara, yasta t miru, isti t mār) استلف - يستلف - استلاف or استعار - يستعير - استعارة - to borrow (istalafa, yastalifu, istilāf or istaʿāra, yastaʿīru, istiʿāra) سلّف - يسلّف - تسليف or أعار - يعير - اعارة - to lend (sallafa, yusallifu, taslīf or aʿāra, yuʿīru, iʿāra) قرض (ج) قروض - loan (qarD (pl.) qurūD) دان - يدين لفلان بالشكر - to owe (ex. thanks to s.o.) (dāna, yadīnu li-fulān biš-šukr) * دين (ج) ديون - debt (dein (pl.) duyūn) بطاقة ائتمان - credit card (biTāqat i'timān) بنك (ج) بنوك or مصرف (ج) مصارف - bank (bank (pl.) bunūk or maSraf (pl.) maSārif) صراف آلي - ATM (Sarrāf āli) حساب (ج) حسابات - account (Hisāb (pl.) Hisābāt) رصيد (ج) أرصدة - balance (raSīd (pl.) arSida) أودع - يودع - إيداع - to deposit (awdaʿa, yuwdiʿu, īdāʿ) سحب - يسحب - سحب - to withdraw (saHaba, yasHabu, saHb) * فلان is the Arabic equivalent of "John Doe." Tags: account, atm, balance, bank, cash, check, credit card, currency, debt, loan, money, to borrow, to deposit, to earn, to invest, to lend, to owe, to save, to spend, to withdraw Speak Link Share 4th-Sep-2007 11:57 pm - Work arabicwords desert_sky وظيفة (ج) وظائف - job (waZīfa (pl.) waZā'if) مهنة (ج) مهن - profession (mihna (pl.) mihan) سيرة (ج) سير ذاتية - resume (sīra d ātiyya (pl.) siyar d ātiyya) مؤهلات - qualifications (mu'ahhilāt) خبرة - experience (xibra) ترقية - promotion (tarqiyya) رفع الراتب - raise (rafʿ ar-rātib) مدير (ج) مدراء - boss (mudīr (pl.) mudarā') زميل (ج) زملاء - colleague, coworker (zamīl (pl.) zumalā') عمل - يعمل - عمل - to work (ʿamala, yaʿmilu, ʿamal) توظف - يتوظف - توظف - to hire (tawaZZafa, yatawaZZafu, tawaZZuf) طرد - يطرد - طرد ه من العمل - or - أحال - يحيل - احالة ه على المعاش/التقاعد - to fire (s.o.) (Tarada, yaTrudu, Tard (s.o.) min al-ʿamal - or - aHāla, yuHīlu, iHāla (s.o.) ʿala al-maʿāš/at-taqāʿud)* استقال - يستقيل - استقالة - to resign (istaqāla, yastaqīlu, istiqāla) تقاعد - يتقاعد - تقاعد - to retire (taqāʿada, yataqāʿadu, taqāʿud) راتب (ج) رواتب - salary (rātib (pl.) rawātib) رزق (ج) أرزاق - living (rizq (pl.) arzāq) مميزات الوظيف - benefits (mumayyizāt al-waZīfa) معاش - pension (maʿāš) ساعات العمل/الدوام - working hours (sāʿāt al-ʿamal/ad-dawām) توظيف - employment (tawZīf) بطالة - unemployment (baTāla) * Just a note - the verb طرد by itself means "to expel," so remember the من العمل part if you want to talk about someone being fired. أحال ه على المعاش/التقاعد literally means to send someone into retirement or put them on their pension. Tags: benefits, boss, colleague, employment, experience, job, living, pension, profession, promotion, qualifications, raise, resume, salary, to fire, to hire, to resign, to retire, to work, unemployment, working hours Speak Link Share 30th-Aug-2007 11:44 pm - Clothes arabicwords desert_sky ملابس - clothes (malābis) قميص (ج) قمصان - shirt (qamīS (pl.) qumSān) معطف (ج) معاطف - coat (miʿTaf (pl.) maʿāTif) سترة (ج) ستر - jacket (sutra (pl.) sutar) بنطلون (ج) بنطلونات - pants (banTalaun (pl.) banTalaunāt) فستان (ج) فساتين - dress (fustān (pl.) fasātīn) تنورة (ج) تنورات - skirt (tannūra (pl.) tannūrāt) بدلة (ج) بدل - suit (badla (pl.) bidal) وشاح (ج) أوشحة - scarf (wišāH (pl.) awšiHa) قفاز (ج) قفازات - gloves (quffāz (pl.) quffāzāt) حزام (ج) أحزمة - belt (Hizām (pl.) aHzima) ربطة (ج) رباط عنق - tie (rabTa (pl.) rabāt ʿunuq) ملابس داخلية - underwear (malābis dāxiliyya) جورب (ج) جوارب - sock (jaurab (pl.) jawārib) أحذية (ج) حذاء - shoe (aH d iya (pl.) Hi d ā') قبة (ج) قبات - collar (qabba (pl.) qabbāt) جيب (ج) جيوب - pocket (jeib (pl.) juyūb) سحاب - zipper (saHHāb) أنيق - stylish, elegant (anīq) لبس - يلبس - لبس or ارتدى - يرتدي - ارتداء - to wear, put on (labisa, yalbasu, lubs or irtada, yartadi, irtidā') خلع - يخلع - خلع - to take off (xalaʿa, yaxlaʿu, xalʿ) Tags: belt, clothes, coat, collar, dress, gloves, jacket, pants, pocket, scarf, shirt, shoe, skirt, sock, stylish, suit, tie, to take off, to wear, underwear, zipper Speak Link Share 28th-Aug-2007 11:33 pm - Death and other cheerful things arabicwords desert_sky مات - يموت - موت - to die (māta, yamūtu, maut) توفى - يتوفي - وفاة - to pass away (tuwuffiya, yutawaffayu, wafāh) لقى حتفه/مصرعة - to meet one's death (laqiya Hatfahu/maSraʿahu) فارق - يفارق - مفارقة الحياة - to depart from life (fāraqa, yufāriqu, mufāraqa al-Hayāh) دفن - يدفن - دفن - to bury (dafana, yadfinu, dafn) جثة (ج) جثث - corpse, body (ju tt a (pl.) ju t a t ) شيع - يشيع - تشييع - to see someone off (e.g. at a funeral) (šayyaʿa, yušayyiʿu, tašyiiʿ) جنازة (ج) جنازات - funeral (janāza (pl.) janāzāt) جبانة (ج) جبانات or مقبرة (ج) مقابر - graveyard (jabbāna (pl.) jabbānāt or maqbara (pl.) maqābir) قبر (ج) قبور - grave (qabr (pl.) qubūr) تعزية - condolence (taʿziya) مرحوم - deceased (marHūm) مأسوف - the late lamented, mourned (ma'sūf) الله يرحمه - God have mercy on him, God rest his soul (allāh yarHamu) (  Read more...Collapse  ) ِA couple of colloquial (Egyptian) expressions that can be used as condolences to family members/friends when someone dies: شدّ حيلك (šidd Hailak) - Be strong. (This one can also be used when someone is about to face a challenging event, like a test or job interview.) البقية في حياتك (il-ba'iyya fi Hayātak) - something like "May his/her spirit remain in your life" (very loosely translated) (Some people may view this as sacrilegious -- see here, for example -- so you may want to stick with شد حيلك if you want to be really safe.) Tags: civilian, condolence, corpse, deceased, funeral, grave, graveyard, innocent, late, martyr, to bury, to depart from life, to die, to injure, to kill, to meet one's death, to pass away, unarmed, victim 3 comments Speak Link Share 27th-Aug-2007 10:50 pm - Corruption arabicwords desert_sky فساد - corruption (fasād) فضيحة (ج) فضائح - scandal (faDīHa (pl.) faDā'iH) اهمال - negligence (ihmāl) نصب - swindling (naSb) سرقة - theft (sariqa) اختلاس - embezzlement (ixtilās) احتيال - fraud (iHtiyāl) ارتشاء or رشوة - bribery (irtišā' or rašwa) ابتزاز - blackmail (ibtizāz) محاباة or تفضيل - favoritism (muHābāh or tafDīl) محسوبية - nepotism (maHsūbiyya) واسطة - connections* (wāsTa) * The wasta is a widespread form of corruption in the Middle East -- basically using connections to do something (get a job, get through bureaucracy quicker, etc.) that would be difficult or impossible without such connections. Colloquially, some people in Jordan and the Gulf call it "vitamin wow." In Tunisia it's كتاف (ktāf, literally "shoulders"). In Egypt people say كوسا (koosa, zucchini). There are also other words used, but they're less common -- قرع ('arʿ, squash), بطيخ (baTTīx, watermelon), كفتة (kofta), or طبيخ (Tabīx, cuisine). Tags: blackmail, bribery, connections, corruption, embezzlement, favoritism, fraud, negligence, nepotism, scandal, swindling, theft 2 comments Speak Link Share 26th-Aug-2007 07:23 pm - Food adjectives arabicwords desert_sky مسلوق - boiled (maslūq) مقلي - fried (maqli) مشوي - grilled (mašwi) محمر - roasted (muHammar) محشي - stuffed (maHši) محروق - burned (maHrūq) مطبوخ - cooked (maTbūx) مفروم - minced (mafrūm) نئ - raw (nī') لذيذ - delicious (la d ī d ) طازج - fresh (Tāzaj) طبيعي - natural (Tabīʿī) لين - tender (layyin) ناشف - dry (nāšif) حلو - sweet (Hilw) حار - hot (as in spicy) (Hārr) ساخن - hot (as in temperature) (sāxin) بارد - cold (bārid) طعم (ج) طعوم - taste (Taʿm (pl.) Tuʿūm) مر - bitter (murr) حامض - sour (HāmiD) فاسد - spoiled (fāsid) متعفن - rotten (mutaʿaffin) A few colloquial expressions using some of the vocabulary (the first is specifically Levantine, the others are said in Egypt and probably other places too): (  Read more...Collapse  ) Tags: bitter, boiled, burned, cold, cooked, delicious, dry, fresh, fried, grilled, hot (spicy), hot (temperature), minced, natural, raw, roasted, rotten, sour, spoiled, stuffed, sweet, taste, tender Speak Link Share 25th-Aug-2007 11:47 pm - Hair arabicwords desert_sky شعر - hair (šaʿr) شارب (ج) شوارب - mustache (šārib (pl.) šawārib) لحية (ج) لحى - beard (liHya (pl.) luHa) باروكة or شعر مستعار - wig (bārūka or šaʿr mustaʿār) أصلع - bald (aSlaʿ) قشرة - dandruff (qišra) ناعم - straight (or soft/gentle) (nāʿim) مجعد - curly (mujaʿʿad) متموج - wavy (mutamawwij) طويل - long (Tawīl) قصير - short (qaSīr) جاف - dry (jāf) دهني - greasy (duhni) سميك - thick (samīk) خفيف - thinning (or light) (xafīf) (  More vocabulary + a couple of proverbsCollapse  ) Tags: bald, barber, beard, brush, comb, curly, dandruff, dry, greasy, hair, hairdresser, hairdryer, long, mustache, razor, short, straight, thick, thinning, to comb, to cut (hair), to dye, to go white-haired, to shave, wavy, wig Speak Link Share

English-Arabic translation for "pension" EN pension Arabic translation pension {noun} AR تَقاعُد نُزُل مَعاش pension AR جَراية التَقاعُدِ جِراية التَقاعُدِ More information All translations & examples Synonyms Translations & Examples EN pension play_circle_outline {noun} pension (also: retirement) play_circle_outline تَقاعُد [taqāʻud] {noun} pension (also: boarding house, guest house, hotel, hostel) play_circle_outline نُزُل [nuzul] {noun} trending_flat "from the state" pension (also: livelihood, benefit, upkeep) play_circle_outline مَعاش [maʻāš] {noun} to have a right to a pension expand_moreical open_in_new Link to warning Request revision كانَ لَهُ حَقٌّ في مَعاشِ التَقاعُدِ EN pension play_circle_outline pension (also: retirement allowance) play_circle_outline جَراية التَقاعُدِ pension (also: retirement allowance) play_circle_outline جِراية التَقاعُدِ Synonyms Synonyms (English) for "pension": pension English pension off Copyright © Princeton University Context sentences Context sentences for "pension" in Arabic These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. Read more here .

English employees may opt out of the company's pension plan expand_moreical open_in_new Link to source warning Request revision يُمْكِنُ للمُوَظَّفينَ أنْ يَنْسَحِبوا من خُطّةِ المَعاشِ التَقاعُديِّ للشَرِكةِ English I need advice on pension planning expand_moreical open_in_new Link to source warning Request revision أَحْتاجُ إلى نَصيحةٍ بِخُصوصِ تَخْطيطِ تَقاعُدي English to have a right to a pension expand_moreical open_in_new Link to source warning Request revision كانَ لَهُ حَقٌّ في مَعاشِ التَقاعُدِ English to receive a pension expand_moreical open_in_new Link to source warning Request revision تَقاضى المَعاشَ More by Similar words English peninsula penis penitence penitent penitentiary penknife pennant penniless penny penny-pinching pension pension fund pensionary pensioner pensioners pensive pent roof pent-up pent-up rage pentagon pentagonal

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